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Change Log



H2O Nitro follows Semantic Versioning. Minor and patch releases should never contain breaking changes.

When referencing the h2o-nitro package from your requirements.txt or, you should always use a version constraint such as >=4.2, <5 (any version 4.2 or greater, but less than 5), since major releases of H2O Nitro do include breaking changes.

Support Policy

For LTS releases, bug fixes are provided for 2 years and security fixes are provided for 3 years. These releases provide the longest window of support and maintenance. For general releases, bug fixes are provided for 6 months and security fixes are provided for 1 year.


Dec 15, 2022

  • Added
    • Custom layouts: change the default template used by all app screens.


Nov 22, 2022

  • Fixed
    • Busy overlay does not block entire interactive area.
    • Exception when translations are missing in active resource pack.


Nov 10, 2022

  • Added
    • Data graphics primitives (point, line, curve, bar, rect, polygon, etc.)


Oct 18, 2022

  • Added
    • Relative time formatting (N days ago, in N days, yesterday, today, tomorrow).
    • Allow customizing how client locale is interpreted (locale=).
    • Disabled state for all widgets and buttons (box(disabled=True) and option(disabled=True)).
    • Set data-name HTML attribute for all boxes where a name= is supplied (for test automation).
    • Always show tooltips on table column headers.
  • Fixed
    • Mode multi live menu doesn't block UI when changed.


Sep 27, 2022

  • Fixed
    • Hang when internal jump() is called after an external jump().
    • Misaligned compound button when it contains a submenu.


Sep 22, 2022

  • Added
    • Capture and display unhandled Python exceptions with stack trace.
    • Ignore input messages in case of race during switch.
  • Fixed
    • Help panel doesn't update if a different info icon is clicked


Sep 08, 2022

  • Fixed
    • view.jump() to bare urls redirects to quoted hash.
    • Revert intermediate exception handling until a permanent solution is in place.


Sep 07, 2022

  • Added
    • Format strings (templates) with support for primitives, arrays, and nested objects.
    • Locale-sensitive number formatting (decimal, percent, scientific, engineering, compact, currency, accounting, units and numbering systems).
    • Locale-sensitive date and time formatting (styles, components, calendars, time zones, eras, periods, numbering systems).
    • Locale-sensitive list formatting (lists, conjunctions, disjunctions).
    • Block-specific locales (for multilingual user interfaces).
    • Generic clickable inputs (mode='input' and mode='tap').
    • Keyboard shortcuts (box(hotkey=...)) for individual boxes, top level menu and nav.
    • Allow view functions to accept arbitrary parameters.
    • link() API to conjure internal links.
    • box(link=...) can be set to functions in addition to strings.
  • Changed
    • box(path=...) renamed to box(link=...) for consistency with link() API.
    • Always launch external URLs in a new window.


Aug 23, 2022

  • Added
    • Support for special variables in Nitrogen headers that refer to current file, dir, etc.
    • Simulation mode (-source) to test nitro run locally.
  • Changed
    • Remove deprecated FLASK_ENV from all Flask examples; use --debug instead.


Aug 19, 2022

  • Fixed
    • Unblock app when external URLs are launched.
    • Make view.jump(func) work via hashbangs.
    • Make view.jump(popup=True) consistent with view(popup=True).


Aug 18, 2022

  • Changed
    • Show empty indicator in checklists when empty.
    • box(..., path='...') now behaves the same as view.jump().
    • path= links requires #! prefixes to jump to other functions.
    • view.jump() allows jumping to relative paths.
  • Fixed
    • check mode shows checkbox instead of checklist when options are empty.
    • menu and date modes active/hover mode color contrasts are too low.


Aug 15, 2022

Warning: This release has several breaking changes.

The major focus for this release was to support arbitrary styles for boxes, and reducing the code clutter typically associated with mixing presentation and behavioral logic.

  • Added
    • Support for applying arbitrary styles using Tailwind notation. Note that Nitro does not use the official Tailwind library, but includes an entirely custom incremental compiler that expands and applies styles on the fly.
    • Concise styling notation: box(...) / style is equivalent to box(..., style='').
    • Extensible styles: box(...) / a / b is shorthand for box(..., style=f'{a} {b}').
    • Extensible boxes: box(x, y)(p, q) clones a box and puts p and q in it.
    • Support for rendering SVG graphics.
    • Dozens of examples for custom components like cards, stats, pagination, etc. built using pure Python.
  • Changed
    • Typography and color handling have been completely overhauled.
    • Markdown styling has been completely overhauled. Now uses Tailwind's prose styles.
    • box(style=) now controls how a box looks, and replaces individual settings like tile, width, color, and so on. A box can have several styles, e.g. box(style='p-4 grow text-blue-500').
    • box(mode=) controls how a box behaves, and replaces individual flags like multiple, required, and so on. A box can have several modes, e.g. box(mode='required multi menu').
    • view(insert=, remove=, inside=, before=, at=, after=) replaced with view.add(at=), view.clear(at=).
    • box([options...]) now can be used to create any picker that accepts options, not just buttons.
    • Themes have been simplified. Instead of specifying background, foreground and accent colors, you only need to specify light/dark modes and an accent color.
    • view.jump() opens URLs in a new window (instead of the current window).
    • view.jump(target='_self') opens URLs in the current window.
    • box(title=) is now interpreted as a collapsible group.
    • row(box(title=), ...) is now interpreted as a tabbed view.
    • col(box(title=), ...) is now interpreted as a vertical tabbed view (not as an accordion view).
  • Removed
    • box(items=[a, b, c]) removed. Use box(a, b, c) instead, i.e. box() is now variadic.
    • box(row=) removed. Use row() or col() instead.
    • box(layout='column') removed. Use mode='vertical' instead.
    • box(tile=) removed. Use style='justify-*' instead.
    • box(cross_tile=) removed. Use style='items-*' instead.
    • box(wrap=) removed. Use style='flex-wrap' instead.
    • box(gap=) removed. Use style='gap-*' instead.
    • box(grow=) removed. Use style='grow' instead.
    • box(shrink=) removed. Use style='shrink' instead.
    • box(basis=) removed. Use style='basis-*' instead.
    • box(align=) removed. Use style='text-*' instead.
    • box(width=) removed. Use style='w-*' instead.
    • box(height=) removed. Use style='h-*' instead.
    • box(margin=) removed. Use style='m-*' instead.
    • box(padding=) removed. Use style='p-*' instead.
    • box(color=) removed. Use style='text-*' instead.
    • box(background=) removed. Use style='bg-*' instead.
    • box(border=) removed. Use style='border-*' instead.
    • box(fit=) removed. Use style='object-*' instead.
    • box(multiple=) removed. Use mode='multi' instead.
    • box(required=) removed. Use mode='required' instead.
    • box(password=) removed. Use mode=''password instead.
    • box(editable=) removed. Use mode=''editable instead.
    • box(live=) removed. Use mode='live' instead.
    • header(width=) removed. Use style='min-w-* max-w-*' instead.
    • header(resizable=) removed. Use mode='fixed' instead.
    • header(multiline=) removed. Use mode='multiline' instead.
    • view(before='foo') removed. Use view(at=':foo') instead.
    • view(after='foo') removed. Use view(at='foo:') instead.
    • view(inside='foo') removed. Use view(at='foo *') instead.
    • view(insert=True) removed. Use view.add() instead.
    • view(insert=True, at='foo') removed. Use view.add(at='foo') instead.
    • view(insert=True, before='foo') removed. Use view.add(at=':foo') instead.
    • view(insert=True, after='foo') removed. Use view.add(at='foo:') instead.
    • view(insert=True, inside='foo') removed. Use view.add(at='foo *') instead.
    • view(remove=True) removed. Use view.clear() instead.
    • view(remove=True, at='foo') removed. Use view.clear(at='foo') instead.
    • view(remove=True, before='foo') removed. Use view.clear(at=':foo') instead.
    • view(remove=True, after='foo') removed. Use view.clear(at='foo:') instead.
    • view(remove=True, inside='foo') removed. Use view.clear(at='foo *') instead.
    • box(mode='tabs') removed. Use row(box(title=), ...) instead.


Jul 22, 2022

  • Fixed
    • Clear any stale / uncommitted state in front-end on view.jump().


Jul 21, 2022

  • Changed
    • view.jump() now performs an implicit socket read, which can help prevent infinite loops in situations where application code does not peform an explicit read after a jump.


Jul 16, 2022

  • Added
    • view.jump() API for back-button handling and opening URLs in current, new, or popup windows.
    • Tabbed layout (mode='tabs').
    • Expander component (vertical tabbed layout, with expandable section).
    • Set hint= to show context-sensitive popup hints on components.
    • Set help= to show context-sensitive long-form help about components.
    • (Experimental) Basic i18n/l10n support: load locale-specific string during init.
    • (Experimental) Use @foo wherever text is accepted to reference locale-specific strings.
    • Cheatsheet section in docs (
  • Changed
    • Default font size of table component increased for improving readability.
    • Checkboxes for selectable tables are always displayed (instead of only on hover).
    • box(row=False) is marked obsolete. Use box(layout='column') instead.
  • Fixed
    • Textboxes with masks don't display prefix, suffix, icon


Jul 05, 2022

  • Added
    • Set live=True on any component except textboxes to handle changes immediately.
    • Banner component in six styles: info, success, warning, critical, blocked, and error.
    • Progress bar component with two styles: completion-status and indeterminate.
    • Spinner component (infinite) with customizable label alignment.
  • Fixed
    • Client might return stale values if later sync does not overwrite previous values.
    • Selected date is not reflected in calendar.
    • Respect scalar initial value if table is in single-select mode.
    • Remove (harmless) xid mismatch errors when re-entering workflows.


Jun 27, 2022

To upgrade:

  • Use pip install "h2o-nitro[web]" instead of pip install h2o-nitro.
  • Change from h2o_nitro import web_directory to from h2o_nitro_web import web_directory.


The h2o-nitro package is now a smaller PyPI package (~13KB) designed to work in both web assembly (Wasm) and regular Python environments. The full pip install "h2o-nitro[web]" includes the UI assets required for developing web apps.

  • Added
    • Apps now work entirely in-browser (via Pyodide).
    • Ability to host and execute browser-local Python via a Wasm web-worker.
    • Ability to execute Python code in a HTML file's script tag.
    • Ability to dynamically load and execute external Python modules.
    • Ability to dynamically load and copy external Python libraries.
    • Ability to dynamically install Pyodide and PyPI packages.
    • Starter bundles with examples for building HTML-based Nitro apps.
  • Changed
    • Remove web assets from h2o-nitro PyPI package (~13KB).
    • Publish separate h2o-nitro-web PyPI package with web assets.
    • Remove android- and apple- icons from web assets.
    • Use a single CSS file for all user-customizable style rules.
  • Fixed
    • Don't auto-grow a column's items automatically.
    • Front-end crash in older browsers caused by String.replaceAll().


Jun 20, 2022

  • Changed
    • Default color picker to null instead of black.
    • Submit scalar values for single-select tables, not lists.
  • Fixed
    • Make dropdown, combobox, choice group, color picker always submit default values.


Jun 17, 2022

  • Added
    • Editing. Append, insert, overwrite or remove parts of the UI. Add selector syntax.
    • Chromeless mode. Append ?mode=chromeless to URL. Removes header, menu and nav.
    • Automatically block/unblock UI when request is being processed.
    • New webview (iframe) component (use boxes with mode='web').
    • Launch menu and nav workflows using #! location hashes.
    • Specify additional #! location hashes via view routes.
    • Disable automatic continue button by passing halt=True to view().
    • Add previous/next buttons to each page in livedocs.
    • Improve communication / message exchange robustness and error reporting.
  • Changed
    • Default app caption to package version.
    • Improve checklist item spacing.
    • Display livedocs examples in webviews. Improved interactivity.
  • Fixed
    • Don't submit values from non-interactive components.
    • Show automatic continue button if table is set to single- or multi- select mode.
    • Grow non-rows inside containers to fit width.


Jun 09, 2022

  • Fixed
    • Don't return values for non-interactive components (separator, image, plots)


Jun 09, 2022

  • Fixed
    • Wonky markdown list rendering when there is trailing whitespace on line immediately following list.
    • Respect column width on tables when scalar.


Jun 07, 2022

  • Added
    • nitro command line program, shipped separately from Python wheel.
    • nitro run command to download, set up, and run any Nitro app hosted on the world wide web.
    • nitro clone command to download and set up Nitro apps.
  • Fixed
    • Don't overflow box contents if width or height is set.
  • Removed
    • Python-based CLI (nitro create, nitro list, nitro docs superceded by nitro run).


Jun 01, 2022

  • Fixed
    • Wrap code blocks properly when lang is not provided.


May 30, 2022

  • Changed
    • (Perf) Load a plugin's scripts sequentially; load plugins in parallel.


May 26, 2022

  • Added
    • Plugin / extension mechanism for loading and using third-party front-end/back-end libraries.


May 23, 2022

  • Changed
    • Import static assets relative to index.html instead of /.


May 15, 2022

  • Added
    • Support for modal dialogs. Use view(popup=True) to pop-up content using a dialog.
    • File upload component (box mode='file') with support for multiple file uploads and progress tracking.


Apr 28, 2022

  • Added

    • Table component (box mode='table') with selectable rows, grouping, sorting, column resizing, and markdown support.
  • Fixed

    • Don't show automatic Continue button if a toggle is present on the page.


Apr 21, 2022

Highlights: Major improvements to typography; support for theming.

  • Added

    • Theming: specify startup theme, switch themes dynamically, dark-mode, define custom themes.
    • Auto-generated matching colors for data visualizations.
    • Support for using color variables wherever colors are supported, e.g. $red.
    • Customize app's CSS by editing styles.css.
    • Toggle component (box mode='toggle').
    • Image component (box mode='image'), with support for different kinds of fit.
    • Standalone checkboxes (box mode='check' without options).
    • Docs pages now include screenshots for each example.
    • Allow using images for box/row/col backgrounds.
    • Improve connection, disconnection, error overlays.
    • Basic lorem-ipsum placeholder text generator, helpful for mockups.
    • The box/row/col name is translated to the HTML data-name attribute for automation.
    • Add an advanced layout example. More to come in future versions!
  • Changed

    • Major improvements to typography and layout
    • Default to Roboto Slab, a friendlier-looking, geometric slab-serif font.
    • Automatically render first button in a set as the primary button.
    • Automatically mark first radio button in a set as selected.
    • Automatically render a checkbox if box value is a boolean.
  • Fixed

    • Bug: Dropdown does not display selected value when changed.
    • Respect align= for horizontal button sets.


Apr 01, 2022

  • Fixed
    • Fix Flask error 'PosixPath' object has no attribute 'rstrip' in Python < 3.8


Apr 01, 2022

Nitro is open source. April Fools'. Not.


Mar 31, 2022

  • Added
    • Add recruitment starter app template for use with nitro create.
    • Bundle all Fluent icons with release.


Mar 30, 2022

  • Added
    • Run nitro create to create a new app using Flask, Tornado or Starlette.
    • Run nitro docs to launch the built-in interactive tour and documentation.
  • Changed
    • box() defaults to text blocks instead of textboxes.


Mar 29, 2022

  • Initial version