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File Upload

Use a file upload component to get one or more files from the user.


Set mode='file' to show a file upload box.

For file uploads to work correctly, you must define a file upload handler in your Django, Flask, Starlette, or Tornado application.

The file upload box sends a multipart/form-data HTTP POST request to the upload location (/upload by default). The uploaded files are each named file. The handler is expected to process the files and return a JSON response containing a string array named files. This array is returned as-is by view() to your Nitro application code.

filename = view(box('Upload a document', mode='file'))
view(f'You uploaded {filename}.')


Allow multiple files

Add multi to mode to allow uploading multiple files.

filenames = view(box('Upload some documents', mode='multi file'))
view(f'You uploaded {filenames}.')


Set upload location

Set link= to set the location to upload files to.

This is necessary if your app's file upload handler location is different from /upload (the default),

filename = view(box('Upload a document', mode='file', link='/upload'))
view(f'You uploaded {filename}.')



Set disabled=True to disable.

view(box('Upload a document', mode='file', disabled=True))