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Use textboxes to capture text inputs and passwords.


Call box() with mode='text' to show a textbox.

The return value is the text entered into the box.

x = view(box(mode='text'))
view(f'You entered {x}.')


Set initial value

Set value= to prefill the box with a value.

mode='text' can be elided if value= is set.

speed = view(box(value='60 km/h'))
view(f'Your speed is {speed}.')


Set a label

Any text passed to box() is used as a label.

speed = view(box('Speed', value='60'))
view(f'Your speed is {speed} km/h.')


Show placeholder text

Use placeholder= to show placeholder text inside the box.

speed = view(box('Speed', placeholder='0 km/h'))
view(f'Your speed is {speed} km/h.')


Mark as required

Add required to mode to indicate that input is required.

speed = view(box('Speed (km/h)', mode='required'))
view(f'Your speed is {speed} km/h.')


Control input format

Set mask= to specify an input mask. An input mask is used to format the text field for the expected entry.

For example, to accept a phone number, use an input mask containing three sets of digits.

phone = view(box('Phone', mask='(999) 999 - 9999'))
view(f'Your phone number is {phone}.')

To construct the input mask:

  • Use a to indicate a letter.
  • Use 9 to indicate a number.
  • Use * to indicate a letter or number.
  • Use a backslash to escape any character.


Show an icon

Set icon= to show an icon at the end of the box.

phrase = view(box('Filter results containing:', icon='Filter'))
view(f'You set a filter on `{phrase}`.')


Set prefix text

Set prefix= to show a prefix at the start of the box.

website = view(box('Website', prefix='https://', value=''))
view(f'Your website is https://{website}.')


Set suffix text

Set suffix= to show a suffix at the end of the box.

website = view(box('Website', suffix='.com', value='example'))
view(f'Your website is {website}.com.')


Set both prefix and suffix texts

A textbox can show both a prefix and a suffix at the same time.

website = view(box('Website', prefix='https://', suffix='.com', value='example'))
view(f'Your website is https://{website}.com.')


Show an error message

Set error= to show an error message below the box.

speed = view(box('Speed (km/h)', error='Invalid input'))


Accept a password

Add password to mode when accepting passwords and other confidential inputs.

password = view(box('Password field', mode='password'))
view(f'Your password `{password}` is not strong enough!')


Enable multiple lines

Set lines= to show a multi-line text box (also called a text area).

bio = view(box('Bio:', lines=5))
view(f'**Bio:** {bio}')

Note that multi-line textboxes can be resized by the user, and lines= only sets the initial height of the textbox.



Set disabled=True to disable.

view(box(mode='text', disabled=True))