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Use a toggle to choose between two mutually exclusive options, with an immediate result.


Set mode='toggle' to show a toggle.

A toggle represents a physical switch that allows someone to choose between two mutually exclusive options. For example, “On/Off”, “Show/Hide”. Choosing an option produces an immediate result.

Note that unlike a checkbox, a toggle returns its value immediately, much like a button. This lets you handle the changed value immediately.

glazed, sprinkles, hot = True, False, False
while True:
    description = f'''
    You want your donut {"glazed" if glazed else "frosted"}, 
    {"with" if sprinkles else "without"} sprinkles, 
    and {"hot" if hot else "warm"}!
    glazed, sprinkles, hot = view(
        '### Customize my donut!',
        box('Make it glazed', mode='toggle', value=glazed),
        box('Add sprinkles', mode='toggle', value=sprinkles),
        box('Make it hot', mode='toggle', value=hot),



Set disabled=True to disable.

view(box('Make it glazed', mode='toggle', value=True, disabled=True))